Assisted Living in a community you'll love

We offer comprehensive services to assist you or your loved one as they age. New Cassel's assisted living facility in Omaha gives seniors the autonomy they need with certain tasks while assisting with others. Your loved one will be in good hands in our secure and welcoming assisted living facility.  New Cassel assisted living utilizes PointClickCare which is the leading electronic health care record software.  This provides the best resident experience by enabling staff to document in real-time and deliver unscheduled services smoothly, so staff can focus on relationships and not reports. 

Several wellness programs are available! 

Our wellness programs are for your convenience and are no additional cost:

- Blood pressure and weight checks

- Fall prevention program

- Exercise and balance program

- Educational health information updates


Medical services and therapies that are arranged through our Wellness center are staffed, in conjunction with the resident's physician or health specialist, with professional nurses.  Innovate Rehab and Wellness, an Omaha-based company, launched its Caring 360° program in partnership with New Cassel to provide residents with more opportunities for physical wellness.

Many ala carte services or care levels are available for an additional fee: Care Plans are customized to meet the individual needs of each resident.

- Health assessment

- Medication management

- Routine treatments

- Arranging laboratory tests

- Injections

- Foot care

- Assistance with bathing

- Assistance with personal grooming

- Personal laundry

- Help with dressing

- Meal tray delivery

- Miscellaneous household chores

New Cassel has been divided into neighborhoods and each neighborhood has a regular care partner assigned to it.  Most important, having a consistent care partner allows residents to feel more comfortable because they see a familiar face regularly.  These needs may be temporary or long term but are necessary to maintain dignity and a high quality of life.  Research shows that having a consistent care partner decreases incidents like hospitalizations and falls.

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